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7/26/2009 2:00:21 AM
What Do Your Hand, Your Body and Your Thoughts All Have in Common? ~ by Gary Evans They are all made up of Energy. If you were to look at your hand through a powerful enough microscope, you would observe energy moving at incredible speeds. Basically, it's vibrating. The same would be true if you were to look at a stone or a rock. You would observe that it is made out of energy also, but it is moving at a very different speed to your hand. Every time you think a thought... you are vibrating at a different vibrational frequency. The more you send out thoughts of one particular vibration, the Law of Attraction will act upon it with great speed and match you up with a like vibration. But its not just your thoughts that send our vibrations. Your actions send out vibrations, as do your words. Think about this for a moment... When you receive a utility bill and you feel miserable about the amount of money they want from you, what vibration are you sending out? If you're about to lose your job and you start telling all of your friends about it, what vibration are you sending out? When you want a new job, but you sit in front of the television and make no effort to find a job, what vibration are you sending out? ------------------------------------- BUT, IT'S TOO HARD TO THINK ABOUT WHAT I WANT ALL OF THE TIME! ------------------------------------- Some people do believe that it is too difficult for them to stay positive and think about only things they do want. These people still believe that they can control the current life experiences that they have attracted. Surely, instead of pushing against something that you don't want, it would be easier not to attract the situation in the first place? If you can't give all of your attention to what it is that YOU DO WANT - then give your attention to ANYTHING that makes you feel good. What vibration do you think you're sending out when you feel good? A positive vibration that will attract to you everything that you've been wanting. Remember, there is no source of evil in this world. There is no devil out to get you. There is pure positive life force though... and you can either let it flow blissfully through you, or you can disallow it which causes unwanted circumstances. The choice is yours. Speak soon, Gary
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