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Elisha Hoffman writer of "I Must Tell Jesus"
7/1/2009 10:10:45 PM
While not working in his study or writing gospel songs and hymns, Elisha A. Hoffman could be found ministering with the poor in their homes. The story has been told that while visiting one day, he came to a home which had been experienced much sorrow and affliction. He found the mother of the home in the depths of despair. He tried to quote Bible verses that he thought would help to console her, but to no avail. Then he suggested that she could do nothing better than to take all of her sorrow to the Lord Jesus. "You must tell Jesus," he told her. Upon mediating upon these words, a light broke across her face and she cried, "Yes, I must tell Jesus." Mr. Hoffman left immediately with those words still ringing in his ears — "I must tell Jesus." He went directly home and wrote: I must tell Jesus all of my trials; I cannot bear these burdens alone; In my distress He kindly will help me; He ever loves and cares for His own. I must tell Jesus all of my troubles, He is a kind, compassionate Friend; If I but ask Him, He will deliver, Make of my troubles quickly an end. Tempted and tried, I need a great Saviour, One who can help my burdens to bear; I must tell Jesus, I must tell Jesus, He all my cares and sorrows will share. O how the world to evil allures me! O how my heart is tempted to sin! I must tell Jesus, and He will help me Over the world the vict'ry to win. Chorus: "I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus! I cannot bear my burdens alone; I must tell Jesus! I must tell Jesus! Jesus can help me, Jesus alone." Elisha Hoffman was 90 years old when he died November 25, 1929, in Chicago, Illinois. Brought to you by The Peacemaker
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