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Dean Beaty

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Wasted Life
7/1/2009 10:06:58 PM
THE DEATH OF SANITY By Rev. Dean Beaty 6/26/09 As the world morns the death of the delusional “King of Pop,” Who calls his one son “Blanket,” where will the madness stop? His fortune measured millions from the teens who bought his tripe. And fainted at his presence for their brains were never ripe. Vulgarity passed for talent, for it made the girls scream. While all the world watching knew he was living in a dream. His mansion was like a circus and he called it “Neverland.” Of his many excentric quirks was a glove just on one hand. Barnum made his millions by providing a freak show. Michael’s sanity often seemed quite “touch and go.” Sleeping with young children; does that show sanity? The world has lost its senses, now that’s a real pity. As a youth he had great talent, back with the Jackson Five. But “teen idol” at fifty proved hard to keep alive. Delusion is a sickness that often comes with fame. To see a talent wasted, now that’s a real shame. Brought to you by The Peacemaker
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