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Remember Mr Haney from Green Acres?
6/26/2009 10:08:18 PM

Of course you remember Haney.

Haney was that sweaty, conniving, opportunistic embodiment of capitalism in bucolic Hooterville. Cracked of voice and ethics, Haney never missed an opportunity to make a buck or exploit a relationship. A true huckster, he always had a trick up his sleeve or some snake oil to sell you.

I lost track of the Haney until I got involved in Internet Marketing a few years back. Although Haney, played by Pat Buttram died several years ago, his legacy lives on - this time in the online world.

Heck, I'd bet a gaggle of geese, an exaltation of larks, a convocation of eagles, even a wedge of swans that he'd be found somewhere in InterNUT land pushing PLR, ebooks, pyramid schemes or worthless scams with a fresh carrot dangling for the next "new and improved" program in his autoresponder.

It's big business for the hucksters, bad for others attempting to teach ethics in online marketing.

Spend 30 minutes surfing traffic exchanges, and you'll find enticing copy with the popular idioms; Make money hand over fist, Rags to Riches, Big Bucks, Made of money, Make a Killing - the list goes on and on.

America is a rags to riches country. We started in rags, moved to riches and back to rags over and over again. There has always been the "elite" or America's illusion of aristocracy and the desire to control the great "unwashed" keeps the "rags to riches" see saw going.

Haney would have an endless supply of "marks." Ponzi & Madoff would agree.

Gary Bacchetti (The Gentle Mentor)

Gary Bacchetti The Gentle Mentor
Re: Remember Mr Haney from Green Acres?
7/9/2009 1:55:25 PM

The "Haneys" of the World makes it very difficult for the honest internet marketer.  The skepticism that I come across from leads sometimes is crazy.  The things that they lost in the past have nothing to do with what they may achieve in the future.  I always invite everyone to do their due diligence before they come onboard with my business. I also found that the people who are looking for the quick rag to riches are the ones that are taken in by the "Haneys".  The success that I have achieved in this business has been because of consistent and persistent daily actions.

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