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888’s Pacific Poker Launches Rewards Program
6/4/2009 8:28:20 AM have announced the launch of their eagerly anticipated Pacific Poker Rewards Program, an industry ground breaking loyalty scheme which ultimately earns players substantial cash backs every single time they play a hand at multi award winning Pacific Poker. clients automatically receive these new reward points when they play any money game on the site, so there is no need for customers to fill in any forms or even to apply for the Pacific Poker Rewards Program – players just visit the site, log in and play their usual games – but now every hand is worth more, as Itai Pazner, 888 Senior Vice President regions explains:

“Every time a player plays a poker hand at Pacific Poker they are earning reward points which can be exchanged for cash. The more a player plays, the more reward points he earns and ultimately the bigger cash back he receives. Now every single hand is literally  worth more than it was before.”

Once customers finish playing their hand, 888 automatically credits their account with rewards points. Once a client has reached a minimum of $10* they are free to withdraw that amount into their actual bankroll, and ultimately into their bank account!

Rewards points can also be used to enter many of the daily and weekly poker tournaments at Pacific Poker, and before long Pacific Poker players will be able to exchange their rewards points for merchandise such as iPods or high definition flat screen televisions at the soon to launched Pacific Poker online shop.

888 players will also be placed into new status groups; which groups players are placed into depends on how much they play with Pacific Poker. There are six statuses to climb in the Pacific Poker Rewards Program beginning at Bronze and moving onto Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP and VIP Diamond The higher the status group the more reward points are earned – for example, when a player reaches the Gold Status he receives 4.5 reward points for every status point he collects. Once in Platinum status the same player will earn 9 reward points for every status point. The moment you earn enough Status Points, you move up to the next monthly status, no matter if it is in the beginning, middle, or end of the month. You keep the same status from that day on until the end of the next calendar month. For example, if you move up to Silver on May 15th, your status remains the same until June 30th.

As well as earning more reward points for the higher the status a player is, there are also special poker events, exclusive promotions, complementary gifts, and free roll events only available to those within each stratum.

888 players will be able to see how many status points and reward points they have at any given moment, and in addition they will be able to track their status points accumulation by viewing the Status Progress Bar at the actual poker tables. The new Rewards Program supersedes the old Frequent Player Points scheme.

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