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Jayson VanBeekom

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Re: Come Out And Support Your Friends
3/20/2009 9:54:15 AM
Hello Beryl. I voted for you in the 181st. Good luck.
Beryl Payton

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Re: Come Out And Support Your Friends
9/11/2011 8:02:19 PM
To all my Adlandpro friends and family,

I am asking that you please go to the link posted at the end of this posting, and please vote for your favorite candidate for the 295th POTW (Person of the Week), of which I have been nominated. I also wanted to come back by and thank all of my Adlandpro friends who have found me worthy of their time and their votes.

There is such a great line up of friends who have been nominated here this week, that even I found it hard to just pick one. To all my other Adlandpro friends, I just want to say hello, and thank you for your past, present, and future friendships. You all are so appreciated.

If you don't know the selected candidates click on their photos to look over their profile! Click on the radio button beside the person you are voting for and then click on the vote button. Vote for your favorite, your friend or who you think deserves it.

The Person of the Week is a great place to meet new members or introduce yourself to them. Please go here and take the time to vote. I'm not asking that you vote for me, but that you do take the time to vote!



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