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just got paid again this week
1/23/2009 2:45:13 PM

The power players behind this program will literally force
your position to recycle again and again...
No recruiting - no sponsoring - you just get paid...

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$495 per week... $1,980 per month... That's the MINUMUM you
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EVERYONE who joins TODAY can expect to cycle at least once,
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Absolutely zero recruiting required. Just get in line and
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Just Launched today

1. Questions about Push Button Extreme in general.

Q. 1.1 What is Push Button Extreme


Push Button Extreme is 3 things:

1) A unique Profit Share System with an Extreme Matrix that pays you again and again every time you cycle as a result of members being placed below you in the matrix.

2) A turnkey home business opportunity that compensates you for sharing Push Button Extreme with others.

3) A monthly subscription to the product - Lead Capture Pages, which you can customize to explode your results in any online business, including Push Button Extreme.

Q. 1.2 What is the product offered by Push Button Extreme


The product is Capture Page Creator which contains a series of Lead Capture Pages that can
be customized to advertise any online business and build massive mailing lists that you can
sell to again and again.

You can add the ProPack to Lead Capture Pages to further enhance your marketing power.

Q. 1.3 Do I have my own Push Button Extreme web site


Yes. Your turnkey web site is

You can customize the "NetMoney" portion of your URL by going to Profile in Administration.
By changing your Username you will be changing that portion of your URL.

Q. 4.1 When I earn commissions how do I get paid


Commissions are paid through Push Button Extreme's Debit Card system. The debit card works
exactly like a regular card that you perhaps have with your local bank account. It works at
ATM machines, retail stores, etc.

Commissions build up in your Available Commissions Balance in the Money Manager which you'll
find in the Administration section and you get to choose when you want to transfer your
commissions to your Virtual Money debit card.

Commissions for the current week are transferred to your card once per week on Friday and the
minimum Available Commissions Balance that must be available to transfer is $20.

To collect commissions you must click the Send to Debit Card button found at the bottom of the
Current Commissions area within the Money Manager on or before Monday at midnight PST.

Or you can select the option to get paid automatically each week.

Interested in PBX Call this number today   305 356 7671


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