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The Seed.
1/16/2009 12:03:27 PM
The Seed.

Master gave me a seed, the seed is so small.

My eyes of reasoning say,
Hey, the seed is so small, that it seldom quench my thirst.
The seed is so little, that it seldom satisfy my hunger.
And it seldom gives me shadow, if I put it on my head.

Puzzled with the little seed on my palm, I went to my Master.
Stretched the hand, with childish heart.
Master said, "There is a forest on your hand."
He exposed the possibiity and it is so beautiful !

When I looked at the seed, as just a seed,
I see my ignorance in the seed,
I see a hell of wild reasoning in the seed.

Master saved me from the hell and
I see the great forest out there !

He showed me the incredible possibility !
A possibility that I can quench my thirst !
A possibility that I can satisfy my hunger !
A possibility that I can have my shelter !
A possibility that I can plant it, nurture it, grow with it !

I love Master who gave me The Seed.
Pauline Raina

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Re: The Seed.
1/19/2009 10:42:03 PM
Thank you Raghu,

Very Very Nice, I like your heart....true words do flow from there right??

Keep writing my friend, you need to have a feature of your own with your poems...Sara Blow will be contacting you soon...look out for her 'pm'.

Blessings always


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