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Panic attack
12/16/2008 9:46:19 AM
Panic attack is a mantel disorder. It can happen in a sudden. When a person feels nausea, anxiety or impending doom he or she takes short of breath. This Panic attack speeds up heart, makes breathe faster, and gives a burst of energy. They may feel out of control. They feel will be attack with panic. Also it can arise spontaneously in any time. They believe that they will fall a heart attack or they will be die. They feel this attack about 10 minutes after starts. A student wants to know his result with avidity. At this time he is care-worn. So we called panic attack is a kind of mental disorder. Some symptoms are below: 1. A feeling of intense fear, terror, or anxiety. 2. Trouble breathing or very fast breathing. 3. Chest pain or tightness. 4. A heartbeat that races or is not regular. 5. Sweating. 6. Nausea or an upset stomach. 7. Dizziness and shaking. 8. Numbness or tingling. 9. Repeated panic attacks when there is no reason for the fight-or-flight response. 10.Changing your daily activities because you worry that you will have another attack. This patient need early treatment of panic attacks is very important. Doctor can help 70% to 90% of all people with panic disorder. They need drugs and therapy. This combination treatment is better for them. They should take treatment from a doctor who has a lot of experience treating panic disorder. Because panic disorder is not always diagnosed quickly cause some symptoms of a panic can look and sound like a heart attack, asthma or digestive disorder. A study in Texas found that 42% of people with panic attacks; they visit more than one doctor when they need treatment. Some people go to psychiatrists, psychologists or counselors. They can refer patient to a doctor.
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Re: Panic attack
1/2/2009 2:30:34 PM
Thanks Sarowar,

That was an interesting piece about panic attacks.
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