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Ever Notice MOST Internet Businesses are money shufflers?
12/10/2008 3:23:27 PM
HEADLINE - Guru's making money on how to make money on the internet! Get a downline and make commissions from what they do for you. What other ways do you hear about? Matrix. Paying memberships.

It's the never ending cycle of making money from how to make money. What ever happened to people making money from something they really do know about and can do their self?

Yes, information sells and pays well. So, why are there so many looking to make riches on something they know nothing about? They join an affiliate program, copy and paste the link and VOILA! they feel they earned to be rich.  Sorry people, doesn't work that way.

You'll need to spend time getting to know what it is you are selling or you'll look like a fool. Also, you can't get rich from someone else's stuff. You can make some money but don't bank on MILLION$.

You can see what happened to today's economy by the mindset of creative financing that went beyond basic math principals. Everyone wants a bigger and better life and home and have stretched their credit beyond what they can live on.

This little window you are reading this on (your computer screen) is NOT a magic money machine despite what Gurus want you to think. Can you make money on the net? Absolutely! But, only once you get real with understanding business and business principals. Find the needs of others and find the answer to fill it. Simple bottom line.

Best to you all and Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

Kenneth R Sword Jr
Re: Ever Notice MOST Internet Businesses are money shufflers?
12/10/2008 6:52:59 PM


In one sense I will agree with you because there is too much of this get rich quick advertising with Gurus making a lot of money, primarily from Newbies that are attending Knicker Bocker College and pay the High Tuition Fees.

But the statement that most online businesses are money shufflers?  I believe that when businesses are scrutinized the vast majority are money shufflers, except the largest percentage flows up the the manufactures, and the biggest shuffler of them all is our government, which only manufactures that mucky brown stuff.

Now I will have to say that the majority of the online companies are not treating their business partners like they should, because they set up their business partners for failure with compensation plans that are stacked against the new partners that are just begining to build a business.

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Re: Ever Notice MOST Internet Businesses are money shufflers?
12/11/2008 2:14:35 AM
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