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Are you ready for step 4?
11/28/2008 3:10:08 PM

Are You Ready For
Step FOUR?

Step 1 - Build a list.

Step 2 - Network with others as well as advertise.

Step 3 - You've started making a "tiny" cash flow with a Free or inexpensive program and you are now re-investing your earnings into your business.
                                              (maybe you work a few programs like this)

Step 4 - Start making Real Money.... if you are not earning
serious money yet.......  read on!

Below is a "slightly" expanded version of each step with an introduction to Step 4.

        Step 1 -  is the basics of any MLM or Online networking business. Without a list you are doomed for failure. Adding contacts basics, are done by adding friends manually in a social network community such as MySpace, FaceBook or many others, ( I like Adland!) safe lists, opt-in auto-respondor systems or the many other list building programs or tools.

        Step 2 - Contact your list using auto-responders, participate in Online forums and blogs. Using the many available resources for advertising begin to promote a program and you now have started earning a tiny income..... of course you are smart enough to re-invest ALL of it into your growing business.
( I use these marketing tools with success)

    Folks if you are only earning tid bits and NOT earning a living - it is because you are not     re-investing back into your business, plus you have not yet taken the leap up to Step 4.

        Step 4 - Get into a program that costs a little more to join, with a product that "FITS"   the Market place today... with unlimited residual income potential and above all

a product or company that has
NO Competition.

The program I have chosen fits ALL the criteria of Step 4 and then some.

It is Fantastic!

If you are now ready for Step 4

I invite you to check out my program


Please - Do NOT look at this program if you have not
already built your business through steps 1- 3!

Love - Light - Laughter!

Neil Sperling


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