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Donna Gaeta

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I have been scammed so many times :(
11/15/2008 10:02:58 AM

I am a victum of soooo many scams.. shaking my head :(

I spent so much money on scams and then tryed to sell an item on craigslist

to fix overdrafts with my bank I was scammed again.

They were called spoof emails.. from paypal so called users.

I ran into a debt problem and cant catch up because now I cant afford the advertising I need to get the traffic to my real.. money making site which I might ad will work.  I have a search engine and you need to advertise it good and you will do well with it. Plus GDI which is a great site I trust.

So There you are dont feel bad we all get scammed.

I am sorry for what happened to you but I do think we are all in the same boat.

SO I have a listing of a beautiful peice (diamond neckless for sale) if your interested or know anyone please email me.  Its a 3 tier pear shaped diamonds on a 18 inch yellow gold setting 1 3/4 carrots. Price to sell.  



Thanks Donna
Lawrence Bergfeld

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Re: I have been scammed so many times :(
11/21/2008 12:19:53 AM

Boy people should stop buying leads and avoiding scams. They can steal their bonus checks and make them more bankrupt than the former employees of Bankrupt Enron were.


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