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Our 22nd WINNER Of The Most Distiguished Woman of the week Award is...PATRICIA B....;-). WHOoOOOHOOoOO!! PaRtY Time!!!!
10/9/2008 3:26:16 PM

Our 22nd WINNER Of The Most Distiguished Woman of the week Award is from USA. She is a very active member of our community. She Contributes Much to our community and is very active in our photo contest.

Pat is a dear friend to many (Including me..;-) Be sure to invite Pat into your circle of friends. She is a GREAT one to have.

  Ms. Patricia B. 


Lets PaRtY!! Post your Congrats here!!!



Here are just some of the Great highlights of Pat.

Patricia B.

Here's something I do for FUN. My husband and I like to go "treasure hunting". LOL, some people say it's "just junk". We go to estate sales, flea markets and garage sales and find collectibles and antiques!  Sometimes we find old games, hot wheels cars (hubby collects them. I collect ladies hankies - the older ones, also vintage crocheted doilies and quilts. I just love the "Shabby Chic" look and I'm happy when I find something I can put in my home. 

One of the most important things happened to me in 1987.  A friend set me up on a blind date with "Steve." We went to a free Music by Moonlight concert on our first date. After that first wonderful date, we just kept on dating exclusively and were married a year later. Our 20th wedding anniversary wwas last year!! Steve is the LOVE OF MY LIFE.

Someone said..."IF YOU’RE LUCKY ENOUGH TO LIVE ON THE WATER, YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH!"  -- We live on a "floating home" -- What is that you ask?  It's a "house" that is sits on HUGE, old growth logs and is moored to a common dock. We get to our house by walking down a ramp.  It is just wonderful in the summer to gaze out at the beautiful river!

We were not blessed to have children, so our cats (Sophie and Snickers) are our 2 kids.  Hubby is in Wood & metal recycling & construction, I'm his office manager.  

My favorite hobbies are reading (women's devotional books), history (Great Britain, France and Russia), arts and crafts, sewing, quilting, making wreaths, scrapbooking. My favorite activity is sewing, making cloth dolls and doing handwork. 

I LOVE to garden, I grow pots and pots of flowers and veggies. This summer I grew lots of tomatoes and they were just wonderful.  We had tomatoes nearly every day!!  I also grew lettuce and herbs.  The basil took over!!  Lucky we like PESTO!!  I thank God for giving us the good weather so hubby and I can have salads all summer long. 

The cats and I watch hubby fish - he throws a worm in the river and reels them in. It's relaxing after a day on the keyboard to read out on the deck with Sophie & Snickers and watch the ducks! I have never seen a cat who loves to fish like Snickers does!!  When hubby catches a small fish, Snickers is RIGHT THERE.  She'd "fish all day" if we would let her!  We catch CRAWDADS too and cook them up in BIG pots and have my family over for our annual  crawdad feed.

After I hurt my hand in 2000, I learned about computers and was introduced to networking business. I'm interested in digital photography and learned to put my pictures in some of my forums and my Adland photo gallery. 

My favorite businesses are JERKY DIRECT, UBIEE and Pay It Forward Buyers Club. I'm also a free member in Wholefood Farmacy.  I extend my thanks to Linda Harvey for telling me about Jerky Direct in 2008. I LOVE Jerky Direct. The Jerky is SO good!!  If you want to check out Jerky Direct, my link is 

 I help my TEAM by advertising on Adland, and free sites all over the Internet. When I get signups, I'll rotate them to my team to help them in their business.  The team concept is team members helping each other.

Not but not least, I'm active in my church. John 3:16.  For GOD so loved the World, that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in HIM, shall not perish but have everlasting life.  

My favorite Adland forum is my "fun" one: Humor, Friendship, Romance and Inspiration. Please post all your favorite LOVE poems, Inspirational stories, Jokes, Humor here and even Recipes! Love is the most powerful emotion! Cry LESS, Laugh MORE, Smile OFTEN!  Click here to see it:   

God Bless you.

Please invite Pat  to be your friend at this link:

Patricia Promotes the following....

I'm into HEALTHY products and Helping the Environment. 

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Patricia,  Jerky Direct customer and team leader

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Read some of Patricia's's Great feedback post:

Thomas R.
Thomas Richmond (user id: tmobil8) is offline. Last login: 10-09-2008 2029
9.72 / 10
Thursday, February 07, 2008 - rated: 10
To a great friend and team player as well. Thank you Pat, this past year we have been through alot, FYI people , Pat asks alot of Questions as it pertains to business so its a natural fact she is where she is today! A heartful of love for everybody who gives back 100% like Pat does. Pat thank you for the rating. God_bless you. Keep up the good work!
Updated: Thursday, February 07, 2008
Joelees W.
Joelees Wholesale (user id: JOELEEsWholesale) is offline. Last login: 10-08-2008 2716
9.95 / 10
Thursday, February 07, 2008 - rated: 10
Hey Pat,
Welcome Back to our Adland Family Of Friends,Thank you for re-accepting my invite :-) I'm honored to be a member of your adland family. Gods speed my new friend :-) Lee
Updated: Thursday, February 07, 2008
Iryna M.
Iryna Martyn (user id: miryna) is offline. Last login: 09-29-2008 79
10.00 / 10
Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - rated: 10
Gled to meet you to,Iryna.
Updated: Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Gunther G.
Gunther G. (user id: GENGRO) is offline. Last login: 07-23-2008 487
10.00 / 10
Monday, December 31, 2007 - rated: 10
It says to explain my rating. Heck, that's easy. YOU, your profile, and your website would rate a TEN in anybody's book.
Updated: Sunday, March 30, 2008
Patricia's Response 
Thanks for the Nice comments Gunther. Happy New Year -- I wish you a safe and prosperous 2008. Patricia B.
Stephen H.
Stephen Hauser (RunningMan) (user id: 145200) is offline. Last login: 10-09-2008 1419
9.69 / 10
Thursday, November 01, 2007 - rated: 10
Hey Patricia, I really appreciate all that you do to make me and others feel welcome around ALP, and to learn how to be successful. You are the best, Stephen
Updated: Thursday, November 01, 2007
Patricia's Response 
Stephen, your forums lately have been SO supportive of our Adlanders, I just had to give you a ten. I appreciate what you did recently for Sharon. She is one of the best marketing people on Adland! Take care and keep doing what you're doing!! Stephen you're a 10!
Jerilyn M.
Jerilyn M. (user id: 308421) is offline. Last login: 10-09-2008 1662
9.63 / 10
Sunday, August 05, 2007 - rated: 10
Hi Pat,
I gave you a 10 rating because you are!
Take Care,
Updated: Sunday, August 05, 2007
Patricia's Response 
Thanks Jerilyn. You're a 10 --- girlie and one of my best friends. You and your kitties are in my prayers! I have to say, I am a lurker in your forums EVERY DAY!! I like your topics as I'm interested in animals too. Take care of yourself! Hugs, Pat


You are Greatly Appreciated Pat. Enjoy Your PaRtY. It is a Well Honored one for sure..;-) 


Please, Lets All Congratulate Patricia here for her Most Distiguished Woman Award!!! WTG Pat!!

To Nominate YOUR Favorite pick for The Most Distiguished Woman of the Week,, Go to Lee's forum at:

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Positive and FUN forums to See Every Week here in Adlandpro.


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Team Work,,,Just Works!!
Great Wholesale items Joelee's!!
Sharon Lee

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Re: Our 22nd WINNER Of The Most Distiguished Woman of the week Award is...PATRICIA B....;-). WHOoOOOHOOoOO!! PaRtY Time!!!!
10/9/2008 3:27:43 PM

Congratulations! Pat!!

Pat, Enjoy your week here as DWOTW!!

Thank you for all that you are and do for everyone here in our Great Community. You have Many talents to share with us all in Adlandpro. Thank you. Enjoy Your PaRtY This week. WHOOoooHOoooo!!!

This is just awsome and will be a Great week here in Adlandpro!!

LUV & Peace..;-)

Patricia Bartch

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Re: Our 22nd WINNER Of The Most Distiguished Woman of the week Award is...PATRICIA B....;-). WHOoOOOHOOoOO!! PaRtY Time!!!!
10/9/2008 4:04:36 PM

Hi Sharon.  I'm so surprised!  Thank you my dear for being my friend.

You and Lee do an outstanding job in the Distinguished Man and Woman award each week.  You're both just wonderful.

I am thrilled that you made me a party thread.  Thank you so much.

Sharon....Here's a big Hug from me



I'm Your AVON LADY: *Ask me how to get FREE Shipping.
Beverly Kersey

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Re: Our 22nd WINNER Of The Most Distiguished Woman of the week Award is...PATRICIA B....;-). WHOoOOOHOOoOO!! PaRtY Time!!!!
10/9/2008 4:27:30 PM

Hello Pat,

Congratulations. I love your name, it is also my sister's name. Have a super week and if we are not friends, I will see to it that I send you an invite.


Beverly Kersey
Joyce Parker Hyde

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Re: Our 22nd WINNER Of The Most Distiguished Woman of the week Award is...PATRICIA B....;-). WHOoOOOHOOoOO!! PaRtY Time!!!!
10/9/2008 5:09:10 PM
An outstandingly excellent choice!
Congratulations sweet lady.

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