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Marion Tucker

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Please Pray For Anne's Husband (9/22/2008)
9/22/2008 10:41:20 PM
My Dear Adland Pro Friends,

Anne posted this request for prayers for her husband Robert in
another thread here but I decided I would re-post it so I could
send it to all my friends.  Kindly read her post and pray for Robert.  Prayers do work miracles. 

God Bless!

Here is her post:

My husband, Robert, and I have been practising Christians for many years and, in the past,Robert worked for AOG Home Missions, later assisting the Pastor with a developing church fellowship in Lancashire, England before moving back to his home in Wales, UK.

Unfortunately, my husband, Robert, became ill on 16th June 2008 and was admitted to hospital where he stayed for just over 2 weeks. During this time he had a number of tests and was finally diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer, with secondaries spread throughout numerous lymph glands, throughout his pelvic area and throughout most of the lymph glands in the right side of his body from his neck to his groin.

As a result of the enlarged lymph glands in his groin area which are wrapped around a blood vein, his right leg is permanently swollen due to the blood being prevented from flowing freely. The direct result of this is the high incidence of a thrombo-embolism developing. Towards the end of June he also had a tumour the size of a tennis ball removed from the left side of his neck. This was also malignant, showing the cancer is now spreading to the left side of his body. As the result of a recent bone scan a small lesion has also shown up in the bone at the back of one of his ribs.

The cancer is so widespread and advanced that it is incurable and the prognosis is poor - the Consultant Oncologist has given him between 4 and 5 years with hormone treatment, and just 6 - 12 months if his body does not respond to the hormone therapy.

As you can probably guess, he is extremely tired and, even though he wants to get on with things, his stamina is limited.

I had to take unpaid leave from my job to look after him [I have to give him daily injections of Clexane to prevent thrombosis developing]. I have recently returned to work in an attempt to keep the various household bills up to date although I would much prefer to be at home, sharing the limited time we have together.

We do have a number of churches praying for him and, following ongoing prayer from so many people, the reslts of my husband's latest blood test was encouraging. His PSA levels[a measure indicating testosterone levels on which the cancer grows] have reduced from 396 to just 6.3. The normal for his age should be around 3.0.

This does not indicate a cure, simply that it gives my husband a little more time, prolonging his life - as we all know, God is great and both myself and Robert has witnessed many miracles over the years. We are now asking God to hear our prayers and gracefully bless Robert's life for many more years. Many thanks to all. God Bless, Anne
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Mary Hannan

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Re: Please Pray For Anne's Husband (9/22/2008)
9/22/2008 11:32:14 PM

Thank you Marion. I will put Robert & Anne on my list.

Re: Please Pray For Anne's Husband (9/22/2008)
9/23/2008 1:46:38 AM
Hello Marion,
Surely we pray for Mr.Robert's healing.God will Touch him ,Have a steadfast Faith for God's miracle.
God Bless

Nick Sym

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Re: Please Pray For Anne's Husband (9/22/2008)
9/23/2008 1:56:52 AM
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Re: Please Pray For Anne's Husband (9/22/2008)
9/23/2008 6:12:42 AM

Thank You for informing us Marion, sadly I know exactly what Anne is going through.  The power of prayer and a positive attitude is very important at this time. I will keep Robert and Anne in my daily prayers for strength to help them and their family through this difficult time.

God Bless


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