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Are You Paying the Tax Man Too Much?
9/12/2008 10:10:44 AM

Hello Business Owner!


I am fairly new to Adland Pro, and your stories and journeys are amazing to me.  I really had no idea how many people are out there working and earning an income online.


Like most of you, I own an internet based marketing business.  I also still work for a small number of business clients, helping with their business accounting and finances, which is fun and rewarding for me.


Frankly, seeing the number of new and small business owners online surprised me.  The CPA in me became very worried very quickly.  You see, I have spent the last 19 years preparing taxes for business owners, and all I could think about was the thousands of dollars in extra taxes most of you will be paying, because no one taught you the rules about running a small business.


I honestly could not sit back and do nothing about this.  Your personal stories have touched me deeply, and I feel like I must help as many of you as I can.


Realistically, I only have 24 hours in each day, just like you, so it would be impossible for me to help everyone.


However, if I can help a few of you, and use the experience to put together  a system to help the rest of you save thousands of dollars in taxes, we may have something here…


Now, I have to tell you that this program is so brand new I barely had time to throw up a web page with the details.  Let me know why you should be one of those five people.


That’s right.  I only have time to work with 5 people right now.


I will be using the systems and tools I already have in place to show you how to easily keep track of your business finances, and potentially save hundreds of dollars in taxes, year after year after year. 


These 5 people will get exclusive access to these tools, and my personal time helping you get started.  All for a small fraction of my normal rates.


If you want to make sure you are not giving away your hard-earned money to the tax man, please go to to discover the details.


I look forward to hearing from you, and working with you personally to help you maximize your tax savings.


P.S.  Just a reminder, I can only work with business owners in the United States.  I know nothing about taxes in other countries!  You do not need to be in Spokane, just have internet access to view the training.  I look forward to hearing from you!


P.P.S.  Keep in mind, I do not want to replace your tax preparer or accountant.  Every state and area has its own laws and issues, and it’s a good idea to use a local tax preparer whenever possible.  This program simply helps you prepare for tax time, so you can maximize your tax deductions and pay the smallest amount necessary to the IRS.

Rebecca J. Jensen PO Box 28460 Spokane, WA 99228 (888) 776-0981, ext 112

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