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FREE Sex offenders search in your area
9/12/2008 1:42:06 AM
How do I find sexual predators in my neighborhood?
The National Alert Registry nationwide database of nearly 500,000 registered sex offender records can be searched instantly. Search results contain detailed information about offender in your area: names, aliases, photos, home addresses, and offense details. The National Alert Registry's state-of-the-art mapping system provides detailed, high-resolution maps of all registered offenders in the area of your search.



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Re: FREE Sex offenders search in your area
12/18/2008 2:00:51 AM

I have a 8 yr. old grandaughter that is add,adhd etc. She was molested by a uncle 6 months ago. Then we found out he was in jail for this before the wife married him and she new it.

In court ,you cannot use or even mention that the offending party served time for that offense before. My grandaughter had to give another taped report 6 months after the crime and since there was not a complete match of details they through out the whole case.

Who even with a correct mind and good I.Q. would remember such a horrable thing at age 8?  


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