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C C Howard

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~ Does Your Dog Have What It Takes ~
7/31/2008 12:59:45 PM
Dearest AdlandPro Friends, Associates and Animal Enthusiasts;

First of all I want to give Meg a Big Thank you for Providing this awesome forum!! Hats off to you Meg.

We do love our favorite friends and what a great place to boast about them, share knowledge and special offers for our pets.

This morning, I am putting aside work to bring about an important announcement ~
I am hoping that forum readers will have a second to pop over and leave their votes for my Best Friend Jack.

See, Jack is entered into yet another contest. This time it is an August Contest for Cutest Pet ~

I am sure that you will agree that Jack ~ The Wonder Dog has a pretty good chance at winning this contest.

Jack is not only cute but he is smart, listens well and does tricks. He is also a very good watch dog and loves to play for hours and hours.

If you met Jack in person, I am positive that he would be on his best behaviour and greet you with a Great Big Happy Smile.

I hope that you have a minute to pop over and cast your vote. Jack is wagging his tail in anticipation.
Please vote for Jack Here

We hope that you enjoy Jack's Celebrity Pic and short profile.

For more in depth knowledge about Jack, visit him here.
Jack has two photos that we enjoy your votes for:
Picture #1 and Picture #2
Jack is currently Top Male Dog ~ (re:username-tricks)

Thank you very much in advance for reading and for taking a moment to learn more about Jack before voting.

Best to All Here at AdLandPro!

Your Friends
CC & Jack

PS: If you know of other contests, online or off that Jack maybe interested in entering, please do leave your comment. Thank you.

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Meg Kelly

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Re: ~ Does Your Dog Have What It Takes ~
9/29/2008 10:21:19 AM
So Cute
Sorry so late in responding

Of course you should win!

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