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No Not Brain Dead, Yet. Still Awake Enough to Save Now :-)
6/27/2008 1:17:14 PM
Hello Save Now Team Members,

Below is a True Story from one of the Save Now Team Members.  I hope Al inspires you to envision the practicality of  Savings Highway The Grocery Benefits alone are worth the price of admission.  Saves you time, money and protects your identity.  Many of you have expressed your concerns about Identity theft.  We listened and Now provide that added benefit.  Identity Theft Protection.


Al Soini Saves BIG!!!  $300.00 saved from what he usually spends!

Recently, I went to the local grocery store, and saved myself a sizable amount of money!


This was just before Thanksgiving, and I had ordered my coupons from Savings highway ( and went shopping with them.  After ringing up the order, we handed our coupons to the cashier.


She proceeded to take off the coupons.  We started out at $303.25 and ended up not paying a penny.  Because it was triple, coupon day and we had coupons for almost everything we had. 


Therefore, turns out we did not have to pay NOT ONE PENNY for our groceries.  The cashier was amazed. I wanted that counter go from 303.25 down to 225.00 to 100.00 down to 75.00 down to zero.   A  BIG GOOSE EGG.  I was just delighted. I said see ya next month, and left with 300 dollars STILL in my pocket!



My wife cried when she saw how much we had saved.  We were very broke at the time for the holiday, and the 300 dollars we had earmarked for shopping, we now pay other bills, that are now, all caught up.  Like rent, utilities and such.


So if you ever wanted a home based business that can DEFINITELY save you money at the grocery store, and then, please visit  and sign up.  Sign up you cannot afford, not to.




You can earn while you save. Good luck!


Al Soini

Savings Highway Member

Real people like you are finding the benefits offered by Savings Highway are potentially Life Altering.  I sincerely hope you visit Savings Highway Today please Click HERE Now!

Let's Make IT Happen!,

Jim Allen III

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May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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