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TE's - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
6/5/2008 9:53:42 PM
Traffic Exchanges
the good the bad and the ugly!

Getting traffic to your website is a must. It takes time to make the many on line systems work, but any system "worked" properly will bring your website traffic. The Key word "worked."   Traffic Exchanges DO Bring me business!

Traffic exchanges are simply this - a place to advertise your websites through a system whereby others are doing the same thing. Not so different in principle to advertising in classified print. When you advertise in print you share the page with other advertisers. Many times the people looking at classified are those that have advertisements in the paper themselves. That is what a traffic exchange is in principle - but with an exchange you are guaranteed others will have YOUR ad on their computer screen.

The way exchanges work is - you look at other peoples ad and in turn they look at yours. See- not so much different than print, only you can in most cases exchange views for free. You look at 2 ads in general and have yours displayed once, then with more surfing (viewing of ads) the ratio gets better on most sites -  closer to 1:1 view-show..... and with bonus's on some exchanges you can even better that! The more you surf the more credits you earn, and credits can be spent on full page views, banner displays and text ad displays. you spend your credits where you think they will earn you the most traffic.

The Good
Do they work? YES they do work. But like print- you have to get a lot of circulation to see the results in your pocket. The more your ad is viewed the better the chances of someone finding a desire to click on your page link and investigate your product or service.

The Bad
It takes time and effort. Yes you can purchase credits (guaranteed views) without surfing for them, and if you have the money that can be a good investment. So the bad is not that bad.

The Ugly
Many pages are filled with so many scripts they may lock your computer. also Some sites contain spy ware. Solutions below!

Tips/solutions to make the good better, the bad palitable and the ugly controlled.

1- Make the Good even Gooder  -  Take time to look at the pages you have to view to earn credits. Look for key things that catch your eye.... find ways you can improve your TE pages with ideas you find looking at others. Improve your pages and you will gain more hits and thus make your time surfing proffitable. As with ad writing for a paper, improving and changing your pages (ads) keeping them fresh and exciting they will become more effective.

Make your own splash pages to brand yourself and your product. Your Company supplied splash pages may shown by others on the same TE as you, thus you will not stand out. Make your own splash pages. I recommend TETOOLBOX - they give free members FIVE splash pages you can develop yourself and use their rotator. A rotator is a system tool whereby you place all five splash pages into the rotator then you place the rotator url onto a Traffic Exchange. That way you surf for credits and only need to have one URL inputed in the Traffic Exchange and the rotator, rotates all five of your pages.   TETOOLBOX also has a system to track your views and click ratios..... it is a MUST in my books! (TETOOLBOX link below .... with jumping fish)

2- make the Bad good, by surfing more than one site at a time. Open different TE sites up each with their own browser tab. I recommend Firefox as this is simple to do with firefox. ( you'll want the other features listed below that firefox has has well.) Purchase credits on one site and surf others too.... that way you get a lot of crdits every hour you surf. I  surf 5 sites at a time mixing 10 second timers with 30. With the Noscript, Web Crawler and Spyware Terminator,  I have very little computer problems and I try to surf an hour a day! (still using an old P3 comp with little Ram, and still very little problems)

3- Make the Ugly Controlable -  Install Firefox Noscript - - that elimates most comuter lock ups and also stops video clips from playing while you surf...... if you wish to hear a particular sites video/audio you can click on "noscript" and tempoarily allow it to play. Also install the FREE software Spyware Terminator and Web Crawler. both here
 Both these tools make sufing much safer as they block most spy ware from being installed onto your computer.

Below are my favorite TE links and also the TETOOLBOX splash page link.

Traffic Exchanges that WORK!

Start Exchange
Cleanest and smoothest running site I know!
Hits are quality and site is VERY active! I LOVE this site! Join my team on this site as well. Surfing Bunnies is my teams name, we are doing great as a team too!


Traffic G
This site has GREAT unique hit ratio. Don't let the 30 second timer stop you from using this site - I get VERY VERY high clicks to views on TrafficG!

Check out Traffic Coop
1-1 ratio plus other goodies.
Easiest Site around to gain credits! I don't get a lot of views here - but my click ratio is exceptionally high! Worth surfing now and then to build credits easy!

Royal Surf
This one is FUN, as it has a Cool game
that gives you extra credits if you win!

Traffic Bunnies
Don't let the name fool ya!
This site is growing like crazy and quality hits abound. Loads of goodies plus a FREE rotator too!

Gte your Website Traffic HOPPING with Traffic Bunnies

One more thing!

Please Post Your top Business in My Forum here!

if the above forum link fails try the one below
or copy paste to browser!

Love Light and Laughter

Neil Sperling



Thomas Richmond

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Re: TE's - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
6/5/2008 10:01:48 PM
Is there a Clint Eastwood movie on Neil? LOL You have got all the answeres there Neil. These traffic exchanges just came out with hover exchanges now, what they are is that they save you from doing any clicking you just move your courser over the arrow or the hovor icon they show you and poof your on the next page! pretty cool huh? i think so oh and if you do click just out of habit it wont damage a thing Lol. This is what i use  i use others but this one has the hovor craft LOL
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Neil Sperling

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Re: TE's - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
6/5/2008 10:09:31 PM
Thomas - great to see you my friend - may the hover craft continue to amuse you and bring quality hits to your site...LOL

Love Light and Laughter


Re: TE's - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
6/6/2008 10:07:12 AM
Hi Neil, Yeah traffic exchanges do work. I love the free advertising they do for me by using them an hour a day and promoting . It's all about how you use them that counts.
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Bev Hofmann

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Re: TE's - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!
6/10/2008 12:29:35 AM
Hi Neil Thanks for your information and you are absolutely correct about traffic exchanges. I got in to ASD in mid February and have had tremendous success with it. It is also a great place to build on line business relationships. There is no cost to place your links either if all you want to do is advertise. If you have questions, send me a message or I am as close as your phone.
Cheers, Bev Advertising that actually pays you!

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