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Neil Sperling

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Golf Coupons
5/31/2008 11:52:06 PM
Golf Coupons - Love'm or Hate'm

   Golf Courses and Golf enthusiasts have a love hate relationship with coupons. 

   Golf Courses compete with all the other local golf courses in their area and find themselves giving all kinds of specials and  offers through belonging to many coupon books. Customer Loyalty is what the golf courses are hoping to gain, so they can sell club memberships. They also have to compete with other golf courses, trying to get a fair market share of the part time golf enthusiasts too!

Coupon books......  the Golf Courses Love'm and Hate'm but still need'm.

Golfers love discount golf, but hate the fact the coupon books they buy have discounts from courses outside their area. They pay good prices for these books and often can only use a few of the coupons in them from courses close enough for them to drive to. They have to pay good money for the coupon books. The printing and sales of the books has to be covered, and the company putting together the coupon books are in business to make a profit. Also it is a hassle carrying the coupons when you go. Often golfers forget the coupon book and end up paying full price.

Coupon books....... Golfers Love'm and Hate'm but still buy'm.

You may get a knock on your door from a hard working salesperson with the latest and greatest golf deal and you don't even golf. Sales people go door to door to both business's and private homes looking to sell these golf coupon books. Love'm or Hate'm, coupon books wont go away very soon!

Online, do a google search for golf coupons in your area and you will find more than one link. Examples are Florida Golf,
Golf  Max, Tee Off Canada, and Smart Flyer Golf.

As the market place changes, new ideas replace old, and new products come along to keep up with the changing times.
One of the companies that is doing just that is One World United. They are a discount buying group where members purchase the One World Discount Card (which doubles as a MasterCard Debit Card) in order to get discounts on every day items plus more. Members get discounts when they shop at ALL participating merchants. They get the discount right at the point of sale. Merchants join the One World Merchant Services division FREE.. Golf Courses are joining the Merchant services division too. Get the One World Card and you don't need to carry any coupon books. What a cool idea!

It is only a matter of time and many golf courses will join programs such as One World United Merchant Services, and will no longer have to contend with the unending stream of coupons. The Golf Pro Shop, can even offer the One World card for sale and earn a commission for any sale of the card as well!

Golfers are able to purchase the card through any One World United Member Associate, and that one card will become the replacement of the coupon book at ALL participating Golf Courses.  PLUS the card holder can use the same card to get discounts on every day items and even discount Travel.

Golf Coupon books will be around a long time. The Love Hate relationship with the coupon books will continue, but it is nice to know other solutions are now available. One World United may not be the only idea of the time, but it certainly is a good one.

Get out there golfers and buy the coupon books that fit your budget and golfing pleasure, but also look into the One World Alternative. Tell the general managers of your favorite golf courses to look into other marketing avenues like One World United, so your golfing pleasure will get easier and keep up with the changing times.

Who knows, maybe one day you will no longer need to buy coupon books to have fun and golf for less, but for now, when it comes to coupons, we will continue to Love'm and Hate'm.... yet buy'm and sitll have a good time golfing.

It's T-Off time.... turn the computer off, grab your coupon book and clubs, then get out there and have some fun!

Neil Sperling

Kathy Hamilton

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Re: Golf Coupons
6/1/2008 12:20:36 AM

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