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New MLM with $40 Billion Internet Giant Now Launching in 30 Countries! Big $$$! Act Now!
5/26/2008 11:30:19 PM

#1 New MLM with $40 Billion Internet Giant Launching Now in 30 Countries! Top Spots Going Fast! Act Now!

This is it! The next big one! This could be your last chance to ever make big money as this dwarfs all the social networking website deals, online games deals, online success education and personal development programs, online malls, get paid to surf deals, and other Internet related MLM  opportunities put together! Why? You're about to find out!

3 years in the making, the next billion dollar MLM giant is pre-launching now in 30 countries with the eBay Partner Network and a new and patent pending eBay certified software that's destined to revolutionize internet search, online shopping, and making money on eBay, all at once!

Forget Web 2.0! It's already yesterday's news and outdated! Web 3.0 just arrived with eBay and the best part is there's no products to sell! Instead, you're going to be able to make money by giving this revolutionary new software away, absolutely FREE! 

Who do you know that has a computer? Searches online through Google or Yahoo? Shops online? Buys or sells on eBay? Let me help you out on this one-Everybody you know, that's who and everybody that you don't know!

Imagine getting paid anytime someone goes online, does a search, and buys something online through this amazing, new software! Forget conducting online auctions and selling products on a website! The big money is in getting a piece of the several hundred billion dollars spent online and of eBay’s $59 billion in yearly revenue and now, for the first time ever, you can with the "shopping genie!"

And the best part is you get to give the "shopping genie" away for FREE and it only takes seconds for someone to download!

Do you know how much Ebay did last year in sales and revenue? $59 BILLION!

Get paid by eBay for life anytime someone makes a purchase through the "genie" + you can build an organization to give away FREE shopping genies and earn money 5 additional ways!

* eBay pays you $25-$35 on every new customer!

* eBay pays you 50-75% of revenues on every sale for life!

* fast start bonuses!

* 3x5 matrix!

* affiliate overrides!

* 4 levels of progressive matching funds!

* 100% matching bonuses on those you personally sponsor!

Sponsor 3-12 people and you're set! You could probably do that in a matter of minutes by sending this email to people you know, so you can't use the ole "I'm too busy," or "I don't have time. I'm too involved with my other programs" excuses. If you get 6-12 people involved, it would probably be worth several thousand a month to several thousand a week or more. Isn't that worth taking a few minutes to send an email? Our automated system will take care of the rest! Like I said earlier, a no brainer! (Sponsoring 12 people will probably position you for up to a big six figure yearly income!)

Top spots are going to go fast on this one, so for maximum spillover, act now!

Ebay + MLM = a goldmine! Thousands in over 30 countries will be joining daily-the question is how many of them will end up below you?

Join 3 legendary network marketing industry leaders who've had combined groups of over 600,000 distributors and sales of more than $2 billion in our previous 3 companies! (You'll be personally sponsored by us!)

Watch our 3 minutes movie now and grab the next top position available! You'll kick yourself down the road if you don't! People will ask you, "Ebay was involved, you had a chance to be one of the first ones in, all you had to do to make big money was take a few minutes to send an email to people you know, and you passed? What were you thinking?"



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