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With the highest prices now for oil you can bet there will be ...
5/10/2008 2:35:57 AM
You can bet there will be many fuel additives and pills and gadgets to promise to save you money.

Well, I have news for you. OPEC doesn't care whether you spend money on all of that. They get your money because you keep consuming oil. PERIOD. Cut back your use of oil and guess what ... they start seeing your refusal to their dependency.

It's no secret. OPEC gets rich while we pay higher prices on everything. Shipping, driving to schools and shopping and whatever else you think you need to drive for.

Now, the other side of the coin. Many potions and pills will be sold because people don't want to change habits. So you will be paying both OPEC and a ?GAS-SAVING? pill vendor? So where are you saving???

Just change of habits and you can save. Just sit and think about it.

Months back I talked about gas saving scooters. I bet they are starting to look better now.

Anyway, don't be taken by fuel saving hype of these additives you'll see popping up everywhere. Be more cautious than ever.

Best to all

Kenneth R Sword Jr
Re: With the highest prices now for oil you can bet there will be ...
5/10/2008 6:31:34 AM

Hello Kenneth:

Just a note of support. My associate just had his Chevrolet Van repaired at Fire Stone Complete Auto care. His experience was costly after using those fuel additives over the long haul. 

As the mechanic told him, " by using these pills, you have seriously compromised your entire fule system. "

What was repaired ?

New fuel pump, vacuum line replaced, fuel line, engine tune up and more.

Total cost, $846.17.

As consumers, we all need to be cautious of these " additives " because in reality, they do nothing but " gum up the works " over time. What appears to be a quick fix is nothing more than a quick loss of funds and in the end; more money lost in trying to get a quick fix on your economic loss at the pump.

What people need to realize too is that there are going to be alternative fuels sources offered in the very near future. It is when one can no longer afford what is out there that we reject the tried and true and reach out and begin to invest in new and more economical ways to run our car, heat our homes, et.

To close, I have a good griend in the miltary that suggested a way to end the gas pump rip off. But of course, that's how they ( the military all over the world ) solve and resolve everythng they can't control.

Have nice day....


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Re: With the highest prices now for oil you can bet there will be ...
5/10/2008 8:18:46 AM


Let's go back to 1978 when oil and gas was regulated and they were limited on the price they could charge and we had vehicles that would only get 14-17 miles per gallon and gas was selling for 35-40 cents per gallon.

Two things happened during this period of time that changed everything.

First the EPA said that automobiles would have to begin getting 20-25 miles per gallon amd this would decrease the amount of emissions.  Now this would decrease the amount of gasoline that would be consumed, and it would also decrease the profits of the oil companies.

Well, what are we to do?

Let's first de-regulate the oil and gas industries, and this was accomplished.

Secondly we need an excuse to raise the price of oil and gas, and make the public accept our higher prices.

So they created a shortage and people were lined up at the pumps to pay the higher prices and were glad to do it because (There was a gas shortage).

Now we are looking at cars that will get 30 + miles per gallon, Hybrid, and Electric cars.

So what are we to do?

I am with you, and believe that the scooters are the way to go for short trips.

You can buy a good scotter starting at $800 and choose any price above that and many of them get 80 mpg.

Before buy the additives a person needs to check the actual savings, and remember that the cars computer system is set to get so many miles per gallon and will reset its self to the original settings.


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Re: With the highest prices now for oil you can bet there will be ...
5/10/2008 12:18:02 PM
that's right none of those things ave been proven to work. you are wiser to keep your vehicle in top condition and combine your trips so the car is being used smartly.
Re: With the highest prices now for oil you can bet there will be ...
5/10/2008 3:53:17 PM
Hi again Ken;

You have hit one of my biggest peeves.  We DO NOT  have a shortage of fuel.  It is our governments that are telling us this.  Our oil fields have been closed and capped and left unproductive.  They have not upped production in the last two years according to a report given on our News Cast last week. We are to only produce so much every year and most of that is exported.  If our Electorial officials would step up to the plate and say OK, OPEC  you can serve the rest of the world but the America's will support their own people.  Open up our fields, start up production again and sell to our own governments than you would see the price come back down to less than a dollar.  But, they [Government] should still make regulations for the Car Manufactures to not only make the cars more gas effecient but to find other fuels to use.  I heard on the New's the other night that with the amount of new drivers starting to drive that when one in Europe or China starts that means that someone in our Countries needs to stop.  Not good odds at all to my way of thinking.

As for the Additives, I know of one that has been around for over 12 years, is proven by both the ordinary guy and by trucking companies.  It works and it does save on both mileage and repairs to cars.  This I know from reports done by  an independant company. 

Keep the forums coming. 

Sandra Hicks
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