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3 MLM Legends Issue $1 Million Challenge! Act Now!
4/23/2008 5:26:42 PM
$1 Million Challenge Stuns the Industry!

3 MLM legends issue challenge to alleged internet marketing gurus and those promoting various tools, systems, and internet programs!

If you can prove that what you have works, it's worth up to $1 million a year or more! Do we have any takers?

We just love reading all these ads and the wild claims made by those promoting the 50,000 visitors to your website deals, the website traffic 1 million hits to your website deals, lead generation deals, advertising deals, internet marketing system deals with funnels, predators, carbon's, and alphabetical letters, someone's internet secrets to riches program, and of course the latest craze, the social networking website deals, all promising to bring you tons of prospects, new recruits, and untold riches, usually with a matrix pay plan which historically do not work and do not last...and all without having to talk to anyone or do anything..LOL..Sure...You know the "deals."

So, we decided to put them to the test and challenge those promoting them to prove they work! (So far, no takers! Hmmm...Evidently they don't really work and are nothing more than glorified "Internet money games.")

Here's the challenge and we're going to make it extremely EASY for you to prove that what you have really works!

We'll position you on top of a fast growing team of more than 8,500 people, giving you one team in our two team pay plan, and positioning you to earn up to $25,000 a WEEK + matching bonuses for building JUST ONE LEG or team!

It doesn't get any easier than having to build just ONE LEG or team, especially when you have 2 hot products, 43 countries to build a business in, and with a rapidly growing, 3 year old company recently featured on the cover of the March issue of Success magazine publication. (Note: We already have people earning over $100,000 a month who got there without all the "deals" highlighted above!)

Now...let's cut to the chase...If what you have really works, then you should have no problem in building just one leg with us and earning up to $25,000 a WEEK + matching bonuses! That's over $1.25 million a year!

I can guarantee you that you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of making that kind of money for building just one leg in any of the "deals" mentioned above-period!

What we find fascinating is that NOT ONE of the alleged "internet gurus" nor any of the many promoting the various deals mentioned above has taken us up on this offer-NOT ONE! Hmmm...If you or they prove it works, it's worth over $1 million a year in income and yet, so far, no takers!

That tells us everything we need to know about those "deals." They don't work, except in promoting the money game aspect of their own deal because if they did work, they'd be setting speed records to take advantage of this limited time offer!

Still with me? Great! Here's 3 questions:

1) Do you have 8500 people below you right now in one of those "deals?" Probably not!

2) Can you make up to $25,000 a WEEK + matching bonuses for building just one leg or team in one of those "deals?" Probably not...actually NO!

3) Think what you have really works? Then building just one leg shouldn't be a problem for you, should it, and if you can prove it works, it's worth over $1 million a year to you!

And the best part is, our company will be here 2 years from now, unlike many of the "deals" of the day!

So takers! What's the problem? What you have really works, remember? Or does it???

By the way, if you know one of these so called internet marketing gurus (the beach bum, the guy sitting in his lawn chair, etc.) feel free to send this to them...

P.S. This offer (get positioned on top of a fast growing team of more than 8500 people and only have to build one leg in order to earn up to $25,000 a WEEK + matching bonuses) is available to anyone who wants a real program, with real products, and who wants to put the odds of success in their favor, not just those up to the challenge!

What makes us different? We're the only company in the industry thas has ALL of the following in place:

* Clinical studies on 2 revolutionary products, including the #1 product you can promote to the 18-34 year age bracket which drives the Internet (if you're not promoting this product online, you're missing the boat!) and a second product which is the #1 product you can promote to baby boomers, the largest and most lucrative market on the planet and which targets the #1 search term online!

How can you be online and expect to be successful with an internet business or a network marketing business and expect to succeed long term if you aren't targeting these 2 demographic groups with a real product(s)? It's no wonder that most of you aren't making any money!

* Highest ORAC scores on 2 flagship products compared to other products in the industry as proven by independent lab results!

* Listed in the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference)

* Recommended by several of America's most well known and trusted doctors!

* Co-marketing venture with a major sports franchise !(one of our products is the official product of and promoted by a well known pro basketball team)

* Featured in numerous articles in such well known publications as Esquire magazine and Success From Home magazine!

* Open in 43 countries!

* Lucative 2 team pay plan!

* Top distributors earning up to $100,000 a month and more!

* Can sign up 14-17 year olds to be distributors

* Parent company is 14 years old with over $1 billion in total sales

Honestly...if you can't build one leg with all this behind you, it's time to quit network marketing and internet marketing! Most importantly, if you can't build one leg with all this using your advertising, lead, or traffic program, online system, social networking website, etc., then obviously what you are promoting doesn't work!

Oh, and one more thing: Each of us has over 25 years of experience in the industry, and in our last 3 programs built combined groups of more than 600,000 distributors and generated more than $2 billion in sales and are now top leaders in our current company, so you're dealing with pros who've seen it all, heard it all, and done it all!

We're looking for leaders in 43 countries and we're looking for people who are looking for a real business, not a lottery ticket!

If you're up for the challenge or simply want to take advantage of this lucative, limited time offer which ends in 2 weeks, send an email to:

Use subject: I'll take the challenge! Send Info!

Include your name, location, phone, and a brief description of your background!


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