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Kathy Hamilton

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8/18/2005 6:04:30 PM
There's no one like a Daddy, In his children's eyes; No greater friend or hero, No other man so wise. For Daddy holds a special place, Within his children's hearts; A place that God reserved for him, Right from the very start. Someone a child can run to, A place where they can hide; A shelter and a refuge, Is at their Daddy's side. puppies There is a special tenderness, Within a Daddy's arms; There's no one else to take his place, To keep them safe and warm. puppies There's nothing that a child will need, More than a Daddy's love; As long as it is a reflection, Of our Heavenly Father above. A Daddy leaves a footprint, Steps for his child to fill; A map in life to follow, As he does his Father's will. A Daddy is a special gift, No other stands as tall; When seen through the eyes of innocence, Of his children when they're small. Allison Chambers Coxsey ©1995 This is a tribute to all the fathers out there, many blessings to you, kathy martin
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8/18/2005 6:22:43 PM
It's great being a Dad. It's been a hard road for my oldest son not having me around when he was young. He live real close to home now and that feeling can't be beat when you some move from his home town to live near his fathers family. It's a special gift being a Dad. Thanks Kathy you rock. Randy
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8/18/2005 6:29:46 PM
Thanks for the tribute Kathy.
8/18/2005 6:34:28 PM
Thanks Kathy, Truer words were never spoken. I lost my Dad when I was just a kid, so these words ring loud and clear. For those lucky enough to still have their Dad's in their lives, make sure you tell them how much you love him before it is too late. Regards, Mike
Donna Lira

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8/18/2005 6:42:32 PM
Hi Kathy, A very lovely poem about Daddy's, if only it was true for every child. Unfortunately is wasn't that way in my life. My Fathers gone and buried as far as I'm concerned. Never did a descent thing for me as a kid. Unfortunately, I am trying to forget him. Sorry folks, one persons opinion about my Dad not Dad's in general. Warm Regards Donna aka Texgirl

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