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Jan (aka) Jaz Green

Jan (aka) Jaz Green
Member SinceTuesday, April 26, 2005
Last ActivityFriday, August 03, 2018
LocationDeKalb County, Georgia, United States United States
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About Me
About Me

I was born on Veterans Day, in Laurens County, Georgia; Vietnam Era Veteran; Life Member (since July 1976) DAV-14 Philadelphia, wife, mother, grandmother ... Open Social Networker; I love attending socials (visiting places of worship, music festivals, sport games, community socials ...); I encourage AdlandPro Community Members to explore everything this community has to offer, this community helped my online works become searchable in search engines.

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Ralph White - (7/27/2018 8:02:11 PM) : Have a wonderful and successful day
Chancelyn/alicia Walker/benjamin - (5/17/2018 3:27:01 AM) : Hi Jan, Thank you so much. Nice being part of the community. Hopefully we can help/learn from each other in some way or another. As for my business partner and I, we would love if you could pass our info along to anyone who wants to sell their houses for cash/want to sell quick. We buy houses no matter the condition or situation. Give us a holler if you know anyone who can use our service. Thanks
Glstechserve Nikon Smith - (4/7/2018 9:15:23 PM) : Thank You Very Much Jan !!
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Terry Moning - (2/16/2018 4:30:12 AM) : Hello, Jaz Maybe we can help each other with internet marketing thing. I could really use some in the traffic department.
Brenda Ragland - (2/14/2018 10:38:30 PM) : Hi Jan nice to meet you, new here and still working my way around the site, have wonderful day
Network Pros - (2/2/2018 8:02:10 AM) : I saw your profile over at tewebstars last nite, I almost fell out of my chair. It looked really good, page opened lightning quick
Network Pros - (2/2/2018 1:20:15 AM) : Thank you Jan, works like a charm. Thank you


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