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Leon Horton

Leon Horton
BirthdayWednesday, November 22, 1950
Member SinceThursday, May 12, 2005
Last ActivityWednesday, June 30, 2021
LocationLebanon, Tennessee, United States United States
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About Me
About Me
Hi Friends,

I have heard it said that if you don't toot your own horn then it will never get tooted.

Over the last 35-40 years, I have been involved with several extra income generation programs. I tried different MLM organizations and I never was successful with any of them. I found that the concept "just get 2" was the most difficult thing I had ever tried to do. Life without challenges would be very dull... Right!

Now, I have gotten off track with MLM and "Just get 2" programs. I am finally trying something else for a change. I now have a place online for members who want to advertise their websites and affiliate pages. It is free to join and a nice place for everyone to get their messages out to the members of the site. Check out my free advertising website if you care to.

Peace and God Bless,
Leon Horton
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Ralph White - (8/26/2014 3:20:50 PM) : Hello, my fellow Adland member. I hope that you are having a wonderful day and always remember that making one person smile can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world.
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Mark Hodgetts - (5/14/2007 8:24:17 AM) : Very helpful in assessing a website and offered me a free pratical solution

Thank you Leon
Leon Horton - (5/14/2007 8:24:17 AM) : Hi Mark,

Thanks for this feedback. I wish I had given you a better assessment... maybe I would have gotten a higher rating. (LOL)

Thanks again and Peace,
Marilyn L Martin - (4/22/2007 11:31:42 PM) : HI Leon,

I am giving you a rating of "10" because you deserve that and more for all that you are and all that you do! I have known Leon for a while now and I find him to be a very pleasant person, friendly, and he has a great smile. He is well known in the community and is always willing to help others and is a positive role model. Leon is a pleasure to know and an asset to the AdlandPro Community.

God Bless You Leon!

Your Friend,

Marilyn Ali-Martin
Leon Horton - (4/22/2007 11:31:42 PM) : Hi Marilyn,

OMG! What a wonderful thing to say. I am humbled by you compliments.

Thank you so much for this rating.

Peace to you and yours,
Leon Horton - (11/15/2006 3:11:38 PM) : Hi Lloyd,

I do not know you, yet, you gave me this rating. Thank you for the rating and the birthday wishes.

Peace to you and yours,
Leon Horton - (10/17/2006 6:12:13 PM) : Hi Carl,

Thanks for your kind rating. Iwill try to live up to it.

Peace to you and yours,
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Have a nice day

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